heat damage thermometer

How hot is too hot?

Everyone knows too much heat = damage. But what temperature is too high for your hair?

Use this FREE guide to prevent heat damage and know for sure which temperature is safe for your hair type.

The Heat Damage Therometer reveals the maximum safe temperatures for every device

Do you panic your curls might not come back every time you use a flat iron or blowdryer?

Now you never have to worry about heat damage again.

Hair doesn't get heat damaged unless certain temperature limits are breached.

It's easy to exceed those limits if you don't know where exactly they are.

Now scientists have discovered the maximum safe temperatures across heat devices, hair types and conditions.

Find out:

  • The safe temperature to get 100% curl reversion on curly hair after flat ironing
  • Safe temperatures for blowdrying wet or dry hair
  • Maximum temperature to prevent heat discolouration on dyed hair

Say goodbye to heat damage

Get your Heat Damage Thermometer today:

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